In order to connect purchasing data from multiple supply sources, for years business owners and chefs relied on a paper based purchasing systems and spreadsheet solutions to scrutinize recipe and menu costs, only to repeat the process several months later when food prices had changed. Users of EZRECIPE no longer have to cull through hundreds of food service invoices to find their last cost for items they purchase.

EZRECIPE with Live-Link securely captures real time purchasing data and provides up to the minute recipe costs at the touch of a button. “Independent restaurant owners who are looking to reduce the growing expense of labor and cost of ownership in their purchasing process are turning to cloud based solutions with an expert service component,” states John Oldweiler, ChefMod founder and President. “Combining member’s purchasing strength with a simple to use recipe costing and management tool was a logical next step for us. We are proud and very excited to be at the beginning of this great frontier of bringing this much needed technology to the industry.”

While using EZRECIPE, you can take advantage of data insights that it yields…

  • Strategic Marketing Find hidden clues to strategically improve sales and profitability
  • Quality Improving quality as well as quantify and balance qualitative considerations
  • Forecasting Measure how past and future spikes in pricing impact your menu costs
  • Cross Utilization Easily identify ingredients that are not being used effectively in your menu mix
  • Measure and compare See changes in your menu costs over time, by comparing periods
  • Weighted Sales Apply velocity of sales to your menu to realize weighted food costs.